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UPDATE 26/06/2021: FAA has approved Meggitt’s global AMOC (Alternate Method of Compliance)

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FAA Airworthiness directive 2021-07-13 – Pacific Scientific Company;
EASA Airworthiness Directive 2007-0256-CN;
Pacific Scientific Service Bulletin SB 25-1111432

Background and next steps

The FAA published an Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) 2021-07-13 Pacific Scientific Company: Amendment 39-21490; Docket No. FAA-2013-0752; Product Identifier 2009-SW-44-AD on April 6, 2021.

This A.D. requires inspection of numerous Pacific Scientific seat belt buckle assemblies used on a wide variety of commercial helicopter and fixed-wing a/c pilot seat restraint systems to identify and replace cracked buckle handles within the next (6) months (by Oct 11, 2021) and to identify and replace a specific lot of buckle handles that have not yet cracked, but may be more prone to developing cracks, within (12) months (by May 11, 2022.)

EASA has concurrently issued a related document, Airworthiness Cancellation Notice A.D. No. 2007-0256-CN, which “adopt(s) FAA A.D. 2021-07-13”, as “being the ‘State of Design’ AD for the affected parts, and to cancel EASA AD 2007-0256 accordingly.”

The affected buckle assemblies and the associated TSO’ d restraint systems where these buckles may be installed, were previously identified in Pacific Scientific Service Bulletins SB 25-1111432 issued May 22, 2007; SB 25-1111432(Airbus) issued October 23, 2007. The FAA A.D. now however requires inspection of additional restraint systems as the result of “the rotary buckle being included as a component of a different part number restraint system assembly” along with the possibility of the effected buckles being introduced through repair or modification of restraint systems assemblies created since the original 2007 issue of the Pacific Scientific S.B.

An updated list of affected/associate seat belt systems can be found here

NOTE: This Cross-Reference list includes ALL potentially effected Pacific Scientific restraint systems originally identified by S.B. 25-1111432, but also includes additional restraint systems that could be effected. These additional restraint systems will be included in a soon-to-be-issued revision to the Pacific Scientific S.B. and approved for use by the FAA by means of an AMOC (Alternate Means of Compliance document.)

An FAQ page has been created to assist operators in interpreting the FAA A.D., the EASA Cancelation A.D., and the associate Pacific Scientific S.B.

Next Steps: Meggitt is working with the FAA to develop a formal AMOC (Alternate Means of Compliance) to incorporate the updated information contained on this web page.

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Updated FAQ’s re Pacific Scientific Service Bulletin SB 25-1111432

Full list of FAQs

Reference Document Links

FAA A.D. – https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/04/06/2021-06979/airworthiness-directives-pacific-scientific-company-seat-restraint-system-rotary-buckle-assemblies

EASA A.D. – https://ad.easa.europa.eu/ad/2007-0256-CNs

Pacific Scientific S.B, 25-1111432 – https://www.regulations.gov/document/FAA-2013-0752-0002

Note: Download document using download button – “U.S. DOT/FAA – SB-1111432”